1 Where can I send samples to Foodlab?
Aristotelous 1-3,
55133 Kalamaria
1st floor
2 How can I send samples to Foodlab?
1. Monthly pickup of the samples from business premises (from the broader regions of : Veroia, Edessa -Giannitsa, Katerini, Kilkis, Lakkoma, Serres, Ind. Area Sindos/Kaloxwri/Neoxorouda/N. Redesto)
2. By courier of your choice
3.By bus and we collect the samples from Thessaloniki Macedonia Station
4. Direct delivery to the laboratory premises.
4What is the cost of analyzes?
We are at your disposal to prepare you a specialized financial offer for the needs of your business.
5Payment methods;
1. By bank deposit.
2. Cash on delivery
3. With cash on delivery of the results.
6Working hours:
Our lab is open daily from Monday to Friday: , 08:00h - 16:00h.