The laboratory's members are always willing to interpret test results and provide guidance in dealing with any problems.

Laboratory Tests

Performance of microbiological and chemical laboratory tests on food, beverages, water, animal feed and their ingredients in order to:
- ascertain compliance with legislation
- meet the needs of the business' HACCP system
- support the R&D departments of businesses
- study the survival of Listeria monocytogenes and other pathogenic microorganisms

Implementation of Rules on Good Hygiene Practices in food businesses

Support for the implementation of Rules on Good Hygiene Practices in food businesses such as food plants, catering establishments, restaurants, pastry shops, hospitals and clinics, hotels, camps and retail enterprises.

Installation of Food Hygiene Assurance System – HACCP

A special team of experts successfully carries out the study, application and maintenance of the food hygiene assurance system (Hazard Analysis - Critical Control Points - HACCP).


Fresh fruit, canned fruit, juices


Cereals, grains, legumes, rice, pasta


Processing of fruit and vegetables, frozen farm products, vegetable standardisation, fresh vegetables, salads

Animal feed

Animal feed production plants

Meat - poultry

Meat processing products, poultry, cured meat, slaughter houses Poultry houses


Bakery products, frozen puff pastry products, sweets, confectionery products, catering

Dairy products

Dairy plants, cheese plants


Bottled water, mineral water, table water, sea water, pool water